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Sam's story

Buns From Home

In 2020, two brothers, Barney and Gabriel, started an exciting enterprise, Buns From Home delivering their delicious buns and breads by bike in Notting Hill. Since then, their business has bloomed and they now have a busy shop on Talbot Road and deliver hundreds of orders each week to dozens of London postcodes.

Barney and Gabriel are committed to giving back to their local community and helping others. As such, they have generously created a Fully Funded Places scheme with LEGS. Although our sessions are already heavily subsidised, there is still a small fee and for some, this is a barrier to accessing our programme. Through donations like Barney and Gabriel's, we can provide participants with the long term support they need. 

Our first Fully Funded Place was awarded to one of our youngest participants, Sam, who joined LEGS in November 2020. He has a neurological condition that affects his balance, strength and mobility and impacts all of his daily activities.


Sam was referred to LEGS by a local NHS community trust to increase his physical activity and encourage him to link with a community of exercisers who are living with different neurological conditions.


Before he started attending the weekly LEGS sessions, Sam's physical activity levels were limited and it was difficult to find the motivation to exercise.

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Being on low income, private physiotherapy or membership of a gym were not options available to Sam.  


Being granted a Fully Funded Place has allowed this young man to have a full membership of LEGS: a weekly exercise group led by a physiotherapist, access to our shared resources, participant peer support groups, regular education sessions and one to one assessments with a physiotherapist. Sam accesses classes from home via a tablet which LEGS was able to provide for him following a generous donation from the Edward Harvist Trust. 


Joining LEGS has made a real difference to Sam's life. He says he enjoys being part of our community and has felt more positive and motivated to increase his physical activity.

Get involved!

If you would like to follow in Barney and Gabriel's footsteps, and sponsor somebody to join LEGS, you can donate to our Fully Funded Places Scheme. 

By giving £240 you can cover a participant's subsidised fees to LEGS, giving someone on low income a year's membership which includes a weekly exercise session, one:one physiotherapy assessments, access to our shared resources, social events and education sessions.